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We are 100% wholly Australian-owned and operated. Our company, in 2005, moved into health and wellness, pioneering light-based phototherapy products in Australia.


We've pioneered our passion for light-based phototherapy into rigorously engineered light therapy products. Decades of engineering mean we have quality products made for you.


All of our products are made for Australian safety and electrical adherence for Australian conditions. All products come with a 3 year warranty. They are also registered with the FDA and have CE Certification.


How Do Our Aus Ultramats Work?

We have captured nature’s healing benefits in each Amethyst Ultramat. Its specialised 17-layer system delivers deep-penetrating Far-Infrared (FIR) heat therapy as well as a stress-reducing relaxation through negative ion generation. The natural and therapeutic power of the Amethyst, Agate, Tourmaline and Jade stones enhance the body-positive frequencies that our mats radiate for a truly “feel good” experience.

The FIR rays in the Aus Ultramats are refracted and magnified by the special layers with Bamboo carbon, Charcoal, Yellow Clay (Ochre) and especially by the thick layer of small shaped whole Amethyst and/or Tourmaline tumbled crystals or by the disk shaped whole Amethyst, Agate, Tourmaline and Jade stones. These stones are used to penetrate several inches deep into the inner tissues, muscles and bones with better efficiency than say the Carbon Infrared Sauna Heat.

The Aus Ultramats emit both FIR and MIR heat with 93% efficiency in the most conducive wave range for the human body at 4 – 16 microns, which is also called a “life’ or  ”bioresonance” range. Green Jade is the second FIR emission gem also showing powerful bioresonance and uptake to the body.
Industrial standards usually define Infrared rays as FIR, MIR and Nir
FIR – Far Infrared Rays with frequencies from 300 GHz to 37THz and wavelengths from 8 to 1000 microns
MIR – Mid Infrared Rays with frequencies from 37 tp 214 THz and wavelengths from 1.4 to 8 microns

NIR – Near Infrared Rays  with frequencies from 214 to 430 THz and wavelengths from 0.75 to 1.4 microns

Whereas, Near-Infrared Rays are called so because they are the nearest to the visible spectrum, Far-Infrared Rays are the most distant from the visible light but they are the nearest to the microwave rays famous for the deepest heat transferring. Though the Near-Infrared Rays are the most powerful and the human body radiates at medium MIR wavelengths in the range between 2 and 10 micron, the Far-Infrared Rays with longer waves are absorbed by the body more efficiently through inducing the changes in the molecular vibrational state. FIR heat is also better detected and felt by our body than NIR so the risk of overheating is much lower.

Aus Ultramats emit Far-Infrared (FIR) rays, which are known to penetrate the body about 5-7 inches deep. FIR rays area well-known technology that’s been used to invoke health benefits for many years now (though most people have probably heard of FIR ray saunas for detox and health more often than FIR ray heating pads).

Some who have used the Aus Ultramat have even experienced a “healing crisis” where they believe the hyperthermia episode promotes the body’s ability to better fight off the viruses, parasites and other maladies that may be invading it. Some think of it similarly to the way a fever might discourage the “bad bugs” from being able to multiply and cause chaos within the body.

Far-Infrared Heat Therapy

The Sun is the most natural source of heat. More than half of the sun’s radiation energy reaches Earth in the form of InfraRed Light which extends from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum as frequencies decline from 430 THz to 300 GHz while the wavelengths go up from 0.75 to 1000 microns. Infrared light is a low temperature source of radiant heat with lower frequency and longer wavelengths than those of visible light and higher frequency and shorter wavelengths than those of microwaves.

Far-InfraRed is nature’s most efficient heat. This type of heat is based on the usage of InfraRed Light the healthiest part of invisible sun light that transfers only the heat without any harmful radiation or ultraviolet rays. The impact rays gently envelop the body in a relaxing environment. 

FIR rays for health is a safe, well-known, time tested technology invented in Japan more than 50 years ago. It is mostly known for FIR Saunas which have been used to invoke wondrous benefits for many years all over the world. Many have heard of or experienced the benefits of FIR saunas in a practice known as “Waon therapy”. Waon therapy is of popular use in Japan and Korea. 

Our Aus Ultramats are FIR-emitting fabric devices. This is a tried and tested process in kind, applied to the human body. In one study, the use of a garment made with synthetic fibres embedded with powdered ceramic (all ceramic material, for instance, also known to be FIR-emitting depending on their temperature) has been reported to improve quality of sleep. Gloves have also been made from FIR emitting fabrics and there have been reports that these gloves can be used to treat arthritis of the hands. 

Belts made from these fabrics have been used for weight reduction. In this study, the reduction in body measurements were investigated. Double blind (placebo and active) groups of 42 total women used FIR emitting fabrics for at least 8 hours a day for 30 days. Experimental data showed a reduction in body measurements. The study states this “may be a consequence of an increment in microcirculation and peripheral blood flow, and these changes might promote improved general health”. There are also numerous studies on the effects of the use of FIR therapy.

To read more on FIR Therapy studies, click the button “More On Far-Infrared Heat Therapy”.

Low-Level NIR & Red Light Therapy

Near-Infrared (NIR) light therapy (600-900nm wavelength) and its therapeutic properties were discovered rather accidentally but date back to experiments in the 1960s. In one experiment (1971), photodynamic therapy was delivered to tumor cells in rodents, and by chance the intensity of the laser was reduced mistakenly. In this study, the results observed successfully promoting superficial wound healing in the treated animals. The findings revealed the therapeutic effects of low-intensity laser therapy and thus the field of research on low-level light therapy and NIR therapy came to be.

The absorption of light by the tissue and its ability to deposit energy is key to the use of lights’ therapeutic applications. This is mainly dependent on the wavelength. Studies show that the ‘optical window’ of light absorption by the tissue lies between 600 and 1350 nm for effective tissue penetration of light without the light rays scattering (and thus not taking therapeutic effect).

NIR rays are further from the visible spectrum, compared to red light, and thus has a lower scattering capacity. Red and NIR light can penetrate the deep dermal tissue injury. Light based therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) using consumer grade red and near infrared light, has been especially studied in its application in promoting dermal wound healing. This study (2016) concludes there are numerous applications for promising biophysical healing.

To continue reading and to learn more, click “More On Low-Level Near-Infrared & Red Light Therapy”.

The content on this website is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. It is vital that you consult a medical professional for the treatment of all and any ailments you may be experiencing. Ultramaxx does not claim our Light Therapy devices is a product for any specific disease or ailment. We only claim the statements in the Medical Device of the FDA’s regulation, to which our product design and engineering comply with strictly. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. Any information and personal testimonies about the Ultramaxx Light Therapy Products are the personal opinions of the reviewers. As always, we encourage you to conduct your own research in relation to the use of FIR, NIR and low-level light therapy, prior to purchase.

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