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The Sun is the most natural source of heat. More than half of the sun’s radiation energy reaches Earth in the form of InfraRed Light which extends from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum as frequencies decline from 430 THz to 300 GHz while the wavelengths go up from 0.75 to 1000 microns. Infrared light is a low temperature source of radiant heat with lower frequency and longer wavelengths than those of visible light and higher frequency and shorter wavelengths than those of microwaves.

Far-InfraRed is nature’s most efficient heat. This type of heat is based on the usage of InfraRed Light the healthiest part of invisible sun light that transfers only the heat without any harmful radiation or ultraviolet rays. The impact rays gently envelop the body in a relaxing environment. 

FIR rays for health is a safe, well-known, time tested technology invented in Japan more than 50 years ago. It is mostly known for FIR Saunas which have been used to invoke wondrous benefits for many years all over the world. Many have heard of or experienced the benefits of FIR saunas in a practice known as “Waon therapy”. Waon therapy is of popular use in Japan and Korea. 

Our Aus Ultramats are FIR-emitting fabric devices. This is a tried and tested process in kind, applied to the human body. In one study, the use of a garment made with synthetic fibres embedded with powdered ceramic (all ceramic material, for instance, also known to be FIR-emitting depending on their temperature) has been reported to improve quality of sleep. Gloves have also been made from FIR emitting fabrics and there have been reports that these gloves can be used to treat arthritis of the hands. 

Belts made from these fabrics have been used for weight reduction. In this study, the reduction in body measurements were investigated. Double blind (placebo and active) groups of 42 total women used FIR emitting fabrics for at least 8 hours a day for 30 days. Experimental data showed a reduction in body measurements. The study states this “may be a consequence of an increment in microcirculation and peripheral blood flow, and these changes might promote improved general health”. There are also numerous studies on the effects of the use of FIR therapy.

Learn more on FIR Heat Therapy. To learn more on the studies on the effects of FIR therapy, click “More On Far-Infrared Heat Therapy”.


Studies on Far-Infrared Heat Therapy show uses for:

Blood Circulation

Heating FIR therapy is reported to increase blood flow. Though researchers state this may be the simple response of increased thermoregulation that is known to occur when tissue is warmed, regardless this therapy is reported to improve blood circulation. In one study that examined whether FIR therapy improves foot circulation in diabetic patients undergoing hemodialysis, the results observed significant positive effects of FIR therapy on temperature, pulse and blood flow (Wang et al., 2020). In the treated group, sensitivity to pain, tactility and pressure also improved significantly. For this literature, see here.  


Menstrual Discomfort

Many women experience menstrual discomfort and pain, resorting to medication and pain killers to ease the pressure on the body during the period cycle. Heat has long been known to help with the soothing of menstrual pains and is heat pads are often used to relieve discomfort. 

Little-known to the majority, is the benefit of mineral enhanced FIR-emitting devices. Studies involving the use of fine-grained FIR-emitting minerals in a belt device have been explored in clinical studies for its benefits in managing discomfort for women’s menstrual periods. They showed that the FIR belts used “increased the local surface body temperature as well as the abdominal blood flow; in addition to reducing the pain and discomfort from it.” (Vatansever and Hamblin, 2012). For more from the original article, please click here.

Muscle Relaxation and Recovery

The functions of FIR heat therapy in the form of FIR bags and saunas is based on the warming effect of FIR radiation. Studies have shown FIR heats ability to penetrate deep under the skin to the muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic glands and nerves. According to one study in 2015, the use of FIR heat was examined on the function of muscle relaxation. Results showed that, despite adjustments in the first treatment session occurred wherein there was heavy sweating of the participants, their muscles felt more relaxed after the treatment.

This study also explored the possible effects of FIR therapy on the neuromuscular system. In terms of muscular recovery and performance, “improved exercise tolerance after three weeks of FIR therapy has been observed” in patients with pre-existing conditions. 

The study from 2015 concludes the use of FIR heat therapy for the set duration of the study “improves recovery of the neuromuscular performance in power athletes compared to a passive recovery modality”. This “provides a useful tool to accelerate recovery, but it does not replace other strong recovery supporting modalities like nutrition, sleep, and muscle massage.”

Lower Back Pain

For patients with chronic lower back pain, Infrared therapy has been observed to be effective in reducing lower back pain, and no adverse effects were observed.

The present study demonstrated significantly greater pain relief in the IR-treated group than in the placebo group. Both groups continued with their prestudy treatment such as antide-pressants, opioids and palliative nerve blocks, and this may account for the small decrease of pain in the control group. Alternatively, actually wearing the lumbar belt without the IR may have been beneficial. There was only one dropout from the placebo group. The reduction in pain in the treated group was progressive over seven weeks, with a 50% pain reduction in the entire group, while the control group achieved an approximately 15% reduction in pain.”

“Because IR warms the tissues, it may be prudent to avoid its use in cases with documented malignant hyperthermia and also scleroderma, because some forms of that condition deteriorate in sunlight, which has a wavelength close to IR. Also, many forms of prolonged heat therapy have produced a skin condition known as erythema ab igne; this is a potential theoretical risk, even though it has never been reported with IR. Another hazard is thermal injury in very thin individuals or those with bony prominences, even though the device will automatically shut off if the skin temperature in contact with the IR unit reaches 42°C.”

No adverse effects of any sort were found in the study, nor for extensive use of the IR therapy unit. For the full study from Gale and Rothbart, see here.

Joint Pain and Inflammation

An excerpt from “Biological effects and medical applications of infrared radiation” (Tsai and Hamblin, 2017) explores the effects of FIR, in this instance, on knee osteoarthiritis. “A far-infrared emitting plaster has been applied for the therapeutic management of knee osteoarthritis. The posterior surface of the patient’s knee was treated by applying the plaster for 12 h a day and for 5 days a week for a duration of treatment of 4 weeks. The plaster was manufactured by Chongqing Kaifeng Medical Instrument Co. Ltd, China, which provided a plate coated with a proprietary mineral formation consisting of 33 elements designated to generate far IR through the action of a radiator. The longitudinal view ultrasound scan of the anterior compartment of the knee was monitored in the study. It showed that the patients from the FIR group had less joint effusion (40%) compared to baseline (80%).”

For more information, see the full article/s from Tsai and Hamblin; and Bagnato, here.

Chronic Non-Malignant Pain

In Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) studies, the treatment of chronic non-malignant pain has seen successful observation. In one study, the analysis of the effect of second daily infrared laser (820 nm, 25 mw) and visible red laser (670 nm, 10 mw) amongst 40 consenting patients with chronic pain conditions exhibiting myofascial trigger points in the neck and upper trunk region underwent five treatment sessions over two weeks. It was observed that the group that received infrared (820 nm) laser at 1 J/cm2 and 5 J/cm2 demonstrated the most significant positive effects. In another study, 50 subjects with low back pain of at least 6 months were instructed to use a FIR pad placed in their chairs in contact with the affected area while on the job over a 4 week period for at least 45 minutes a day during the work week. The results observed that use of site-specific FIR therapy over a four-week period in the workplace was associated with both physical and mental improvements for general well-being and significant clinical improvements in pain previously associated with low back pain. 

Endorphin Levels

Endorphin levels are commonly known to help with our feeling of well-being. This study states: “The fact that low dose (1 J/cm2) IR laser (820nm) and high dose (5 J/cm2) red laser (670 nm) resulted in a cumulative pre-treatment increase in ACTH and high dose (5 J/cm2) IR laser resulted in increases in plasma B-endorphin levels over the duration of the study suggests that localized, peripheral phototherapy of trigger points an induced cumulative activation of central hormonal/opioid pathways capable of regulating immune function.” The study confirms that positive responses to Low-Level Light Therapy are dose, power output and wavelength-dependent. 

“LLLT resulted in potentiation of overall levels of B-endorphin and ACTH, it is suggested that the therapeutic window of doses for LLLT treatment of trigger points could be extended to include 5 J/cm2.” For the full study, see here

The content on this website is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. It is vital that you consult a medical professional for the treatment of all and any ailments you may be experiencing. Ultramaxx does not claim our Light Therapy devices is a product for any specific disease or ailment. We only claim the statements in the Medical Device of the FDA’s regulation, to which our product design and engineering comply with strictly. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. Any information and personal testimonies about the Ultramaxx Light Therapy Products are the personal opinions of the reviewers. As always, we encourage you to conduct your own research in relation to the use of FIR, NIR and low-level light therapy, prior to purchase.

Please contact us for a conversation in relation to any products that may interest you.


It depends completely upon the area being treated and the distance of treatment.

In general, all that is needed is usually 10-20 minutes.

Eye protection is not required or necessary.However, we don’t recommend looking directly at the LEDs because it can sometimes be uncomfortable. With that said, your eyes typically become accustomed to the light and it is then OK to open your eyes, as long as you aren’t feeling discomfort.

I can’t see them. Near infrared (NIR) light is actually not visible to the naked human eye.

It is outside of the visual spectrum, and as a result, it cannot be seen. However, there is a very slight glow that comes from the LEDs, especially in dark conditions, so if you are concerned the NIR LEDs are really not working, you can test them that way.

Red and near infrared light therapy has been proven in thousands of clinical studies and peer reviewed clinical trials to be not only safe but also effective. However, if you use medications such as Tetracycline, Digoxin,Retin A, and/or other photo sensitizing drugs, we recommend consulting with your doctor or health care provider before using the device.

Of course, just make sure that the area that you’re treating is completely exposed.

For a list of literature and studies on photobiomodulation and low-level light therapy, see the photobiomodulation literature here. We have also referenced studies for the use of FIR Heat TherapyNIR & Low-Level Light Therapy, via our learn pages.

All of our products are certified for Australian safety and electrical and compliance and come with a 3 year warranty. They are also registered with the FDA and have CE Certification.

Ultramaxx recommends consulting with your healthcare provider prior to use if you believe that you are sensitive to light. Some cold and allergy medications, pain medications, and medications used to treat infection may cause light sensitivity. We also recommend consulting with your healthcare provider prior to using the device if you are pregnant, have any suspicious or cancerous lesions, or have recently had a steroid injection or use topical
steroids. If you experience discomfort or have a concern about the device, stop use immediately and contact your healthcare provider. Unplug from outlet when not in use to avoid tripping hazards.

The symbol to the right, found on the device or within its packaging, indicates that this device may not be disposed of with other household waste. This device requires disposal via a designated collection point for the recycling of electrical waste. Please recycle your equipment at the time of disposal to help conserve natural resources and protect human health and the environment.

Ultramaxx does not claim our Red Light Therapy Panels as a device is a “miracle cure” or product for any specific disease or ailment. We only claim the statements in the Medical Device of the FDA’s regulation, to which our product design and engineering comply with strictly. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. Any information and personal testimonies about the Ultramaxx Red Light Therapy Panels are the personal opinions of the reviewers.



“I have used many helpful healing products to assist me with my lower back pain and general muscle fatigue due to exercise, however nothing has been as powerful as your ‘Infrared Amethyst Crystal Ultramat’, otherwise known as the Ultramat."


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"The Ultramat has changed my life. I have suffered back muscle disorders since the age of 15 after a bad car accident which also led to arthritis developing in all my joints over time."


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